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Quality/information/LGPD/ COMPLIANCE


Metalife bases its Quality Policy on a structure where it is well-being together with the efficiency of our daily actions, contributing to the continued improvement in our means-tested processes:

  • Excellence in the development of our products and in our projects;
  • Manufacturing and quality in our Pilates equipment;
  • Satisfy our Customers in the quest to provide a healthier life;
  • Guarantee the security of data and information;
  • Provide compliance with stakeholder expectations.

Internal Factors

Understanding the internal context can be facilitated by considering issues relating to policies, quality controls, vision, mission, values, objectives, culture, ensuring information security, pillars, health, knowledge and performance of Metalife.

External factors

Comprehension of the external context can be facilitated by considering questions that arise from legal, technological environments, guaranteeing the security of information for interested parties, competitive, market, cultural, social and economic, health, international, national, regional the place. Capturing knowledge through a system in which people learn to share this knowledge all the time, through improvements in processes and methods, through dissemination in commercial meetings, Process and Quality sectors, events and challenges commercials from which organizational knowledge will also be disseminated. such as seeking knowledge from customers and external providers for the subsequent improvement of Metalife processes at an internal level, thus executing a PDCA cycle together with Metalife's organizational knowledge.


Promote well-being to people by offering the best Pilates and functional training equipment, always seeking innovation and excellence in production and customer relationships.


Promote well-being to people by offering the best Pilates and functional training equipment, always seeking innovation and excellence in production and customer relationships.


Our people

We respect, develop and recognize talents. We believe that people are the strength and vitality of Metalife.


We seek a sustainable balance at Metalfe to provide a focus on social and economic issues, sustainable alliances, society and the achievement of results expected by the company.

3 – Health for our customers

Being together with partners and organizations recognized worldwide as DQS ANVISA, demonstrates that our processes and products always seek concern for people's health and well-being, resulting in satisfied customers.

4 – Quality

Recognition as being among the best in South America and the world, always seeking innovation and excellence in the production of our equipment, with wooden furniture Eucalipto Grandis (more resistant) from reforestation, are synonymous with our concern for Quality.

Information security

Ensure security within regulations, including Information Technology standards, General Data Protection Law (LGPD), as well as the entire systemic data chain of our company Metalife.

6 – Respect for the Environment and Care of Animals

Respecting our nature, animals, not throwing trash anywhere, recycling, among other actions, generates good in people, which is a stimulating current. The more you practice, the more you want to continue respecting it. With this, people around you are inspired to do the same and in this way we believe that we will have a better future, with more respect for everyone.

Why Metalife?

Our difference? Quality. In all!

All this quality comes with the company's culture: always improving. The equipment design never stops. It is constantly improving, it is in design, comfort and safety. No one has MetaLife equipment sold on the market without first going through rigorous laboratory tests. 


  • People Development and Retention

  • People Training and Training

  • Economic-Financial Result designed and defined by the Partner

  • Association and satisfaction of interested parties.

  • Compliance with applicable requirements

  • Clients satisfaction

  • Compliance with production efficiency and agreed deadlines

  • Commercial and Marketing Focus on the market we serve

  • Effective Process Management by meeting the requirements of our ISO9001:2015 Certification

  • Use all resources and tools within the systems to ensure safe data movement

  • Effective GDPR security

  • Ações para um Equilíbrio Social, ambiental, contribuindo de forma eficaz, respeitada e divulgada


International Quality Standard

Careful selection of PM: with the aim of preserving the environment

Excellence in Production

People Company Culture

Information Security and Data Protection of the participating chain with our company Metalife

Continuously seeks innovation and excellence in the production of pilates equipment and accessories.

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