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Partners of MetaLife Pilates, the leading company in Pilates equipment in Brazil.

More than business partners, they are members of the MetaLife Family – essential parts of this gear. Together, we built not only the history of the largest Pilates equipment manufacturer in Latin America, but the living history of the method in the country, making dreams come true, training successful entrepreneurs and bringing better health and quality of life to people.

Only with the help of these professionals we have managed to get here, accumulating achievements, overcoming obstacles, reinventing ourselves every day and developing our segment more and more.

We are sure that, with them, we will reach even higher places! After all, we know that nothing – absolutely nothing – is built alone, except in partnership, together, with synergy and team spirit.

It is with great joy that we present the team of official partners of the MetaLife family.

Here we bring together the best Training Schools, Instructors, Sports Clubs, public and private companies and our brand ambassadors. Get to know them!

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