MetaLife brand ambassadors

The MetaLife brand ambassadors I sound more than family, they are friends, companions, they are superprofessional, I love our products, wear our shirt with pride, they are passionate about pilates, just like us, it is known because it is Friday.

Meet the official MetaLife brand ambassadorsis the largest manufacturer of Pilates equipment in Latin America, the brand most recommended by instructors.

Ana Lameu

Specialized physiotherapist in the Pilates method for +13 years and with +500 students. Possess classical training from Alves Pilates and numerous contemporary trainings

Ana Paula Soares

Pilates Instructor, Mentor and Teacher of Training Courses in Classical and Contemporary Pilates.

Bruna Zibordi

Master physiotherapist in rehabilitation, more than 2,000 professionals trained with his spine treatment method.
Embaixadoras MetaLife - Four Fisio Pilates

Four Fisio Pilates

The physiotherapists and partners of Four Fisio Pilates, Isabele Leonel and Jully Felici, are from Curitiba-PR, they emerged in Pilates in 2022. Today they are references in sports and orthopedic care and success on social networks.
Embaixadoras MetaLife - Harmonica Pilates

Harmônica Pilates

Beatrice Junqueira and Elisa Frigini, form a duo that dominates the São Paulo interior. Residents of the city of São João da Boa Vista, a duo of physiotherapists who have been partners and friends since 2010, are also idealizers of the Harmonica method as the Pilates Pro project.
Embaixadora MetaLife - Janaína Cintas

Janaína Cintas

Physiotherapist, breeder of more than 15 courses and training for movement professionals, author of 4 released books.
Embaixadora MetaLife - Juliana Renó

Juliana Renó

Physiotherapist, Teaching Pilates for professionals, more than 800 students.

Larissa Moraes

Physiotherapist since 2008, specialist in Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology, passionate about pilates. Businesswoman, instructor and Pilates teacher for 12 years.
Embaixadora MetaLife - Manu Pimentel

Manu Pimentel

Physiotherapist, postgraduate in exercise physiology, women's health and neuroscience, conscious physics, breeder of the power femme and hypo flow method, author of related pregnancy courses and writer of books that are touched with prayer.
Embaixador MetaLife - Matheus Garofalo

Matheus Garofalo

Physiotherapist, Postgraduate in Orthopedics and Cardiorespiratory, Pilates.
Embaixadora MetaLife - Natalia Lima

Natália Lima

Pilates instructor since 2002, acupuncturist and therapist, specialized in pregnancy.
Embaixadora MetaLife - Niegy Arnoni

Niegy Arnoni

Physiotherapist, Postgraduate in RPG and Pilates, Creator of the Sequenced Pilates Method.

Paula Cavalcanti

Founder of Inside Pilates Mentoring that helps Instructors stand out in the competition and become a reference in PILATES.
Embaixadora MetaLife - Radhija Mussi

Radhija Mussi

Physiotherapist, postgraduate in Clinical Medicine and specialist in Pilates for the Elderly.
Embaixadora MetaLife - Rafaela Palmieri

Rafaela Palmieri

Rafaela Palmieri is a physiotherapist with 10 years of clinical experience, owner of “Attività- Saúde Integrada” – studio and clinic. International contemporary and advanced Pilates instructor.
Embaixadora MetaLife - Renatha Cruz

Renatha Cruz

Minas Gerais, physiotherapist and postgraduate in Hospital Physiotherapy with emphasis on Adult Intensive Care. Currently working with Pilates.
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