See all warranty details for your part, accessory, or equipment.

Your MetaLife product is warranted against manufacturing defects that have been duly verified by Metalife Ind. And Com. De Móveis Ltda. Or by its authorized technical assistance network, during the legal term of 03 (three) months, counted from the date of the invoice, with MetaLife granting 21 (twenty-one) months free of charge as an additional guarantee, totaling 24 (twenty-four) months as a longer term, following the classification below:

  • 03 (three) months ropes, upholstery, fabrics, rubbers and in cases of displacement or corrosion in surface finishes such as paints (including varnish), chrome plating, nickel plating and zinc plating;
  • 06 (six) months hardware, plastic parts and springs (only against the breaking of these pieces);
  • 24 (twenty-four) months structural parts in wood or metal that are subjected to structural stresses.

The serial number, invoice number, type and / or model of the equipment must be supplied in order to request the guarantee and facilitate its service.

The legal and / or extended guarantees are automatically invalidated if:

  • The use of the product is not exclusive to exercises defined by the pilates method;
  • Parts, tools, or substances (lubricants, cleaners, etc.) not indicated in the equipment manual and / or non-original are detected;
  • The guidelines, recommendations, and specifications in the equipment manual for use, pre-use inspections, product reviews and preventative maintenance are not followed, and these costs are not covered by MetaLife;
  • In the installation of the product, the specifications and recommendations of the equipment manual are not observed for the conditions of the installation site of the product, such as leveling and stability of the floor, suitability of the site for installation, use of suitable tools and failure to comply with the assembly steps;
  • There has been an improper use, misuse or if the product has undergone changes or aesthetic and / or functional changes, as well as, has been carried out by persons or entities not authorized by MetaLife Ind. And Com. De Móveis Ltda;
  • There are signs of product violation, removal and / or tampering of the serial number or product identification label and springs, replacement of parts by others that are not original or not authorized by Metalife Ind. And Com. De Móveis Ltda.

The legal and / or extended warranties do not cover:

  • Expenses with the installation of the product performed by persons or entities not authorized by Metalife Ind. And Com. De Móveis Ltda;
  • Expenses arising and resulting from the installation of parts and accessories that do not belong to the product, even those sold by Metalife Ind. And Com. De Móveis Ltda., Except for those specified for each model in the equipment manual;
  • Expenses with labor, materials, parts and adaptations necessary to prepare the place for installation of the product;
  • Failure to operate the product due to lack of user knowledge in the pilates application;
  • Services and / or expenses for maintenance and / or cleaning of the product;
  • Failures in the normal operation of the product due to lack of cleaning and excess waste, or due to the existence of objects foreign to the operation and purpose of use;
  • Transport of the product to the final location of the installation;
  • Products or parts that have been damaged as a result of removal, handling, falls or acts and effects arising from nature, such as oxidation, exposure to moisture or rain, flood, tornado, seismic events, etc.;
  • Costs of inspection and diagnostic processes (including technical visit fee) determining that the failure was caused by reason not covered by this warranty;
  • Expenses arising from sending and returning the product for maintenance;
  • Displacements for products that are installed outside the headquarters of the Metalife technical assistance center, which may charge the locomotion fee of the technician, previously approved by the consumer, according to the mileage table used by Metalife Ind. And Com. De Móveis Ltda. authorized service center Metalife;
  • Parts worn by natural use such as handles, upholstery, rubber trim, springs, ropes, carabiners, handles, as well as the workmanship used to replace these parts and the consequences of such occurrences.

General considerations:

  • Metalife Ind. And Com. De Móveis Ltda. Does not authorize any person or entity to assume on its behalf any other responsibility related to the guarantee of its products other than those set forth herein;
  • Metalife Ind. And Com. De Móveis Ltda reserves the right to alter general, technical and aesthetic characteristics of its products, without prior notice, and this guarantee term is valid for products sold and installed in the Brazilian territory;
  • For your peace of mind, preserve and maintain the warranty term, the equipment manual and the invoice of purchase of the product always in hand;
  • In order to prevent the equipment from being sent to the Metalife factory where it would be analyzed, we suggest sending photos and / or videos related to your request to facilitate the issuance of the report, which will make your service even faster;
  • It is the responsibility of the owner of the equipment any and all occurrences that may cause physical and / or material damages to third parties due to improper use, improper installation, lack of accompaniment of a professional accredited in the pilates method or even by the lack inspections (before each use), preventive reviews and maintenance of all Metalife equipment, according to the owner’s manuals that accompany the products;
  • Consult the equipment manual or contact the Metalife service department at +55 47 3634 6900 or e-mail: