Maintenance and Safety

Here you find some suggestions for maintenance and safety to keep your MetaLife equipment in good repair for much longer.

Like all mechanical equipment, Pilates equipment is subject to wear and stress. Proper maintenance and periodic replacement of its components are your responsibility in order to prevent accidents.

Do not use products that are not supplied by Metalife during maintenance and replacement of your components. Metalife assumes no liability under any form of improper use of the equipment. Ensure that it is installed in a suitable environment for Pilates performance (as previously described).

Dress appropriately, do not wear very wide clothes, earrings, watches, rings, bracelets, chains or any other type of accessories. Keep your hair and clothing away from moving parts.

Use the equipment only for exercises defined by the Pilates Method. See a doctor before starting any physical exercise program.

Stop any exercise if you experience chest pain, shortness of breath, difficulty in breathing, feeling faint or any type of muscle discomfort. Make sure you find professional guidance immediately. The application of the Pilates Method, as well as the use of its equipment, should only be performed under the guidance of properly trained professionals and qualified in the Pilates Method.

Do not allow children to use the equipment without the constant supervision of a properly trained and qualified Pilates instructor. Do not use any parts, tools or substances (lubricants) that are not specified in the equipment manual.

Safety inspection must be performed before each user performs their exercises. For each new exercise, the devices and accessories to be used should be previously checked for safety, cleanliness and suitability purposes.

Make sure that all equipment components are properly secured and positioned before performing the exercises.

Make sure that carabiners, handles, straps and springs (optional) are intact and properly adjusted. When using systems that include the use of carabiners, make sure they are properly adjusted, closed, and locked. Do not use the equipment and/or props if they present signs of wear, breakage or damage in any of their components.

Make sure that the equipment is properly adjusted to suit the user’s size and skill level. If there is a need to exchange components, replace them only with parts supplied by Metalife, ensuring their safety and durability.

It should be weekly performed by a suitably qualified professional trained in the Pilates Method.

Make sure that all components are properly adjusted and free of any deformation or wear, and replace them as soon as any signs of change are detected.

Make sure all knobs are correctly positioned and secured.

Make sure all eye bolts are correctly positioned and locked. Check for any kind of deformation or wear on the springs and carabiners, and replace them as soon as any signs of change are detected.

Check the equipment periodically for loose screws and tighten them with the supplied keys, if applicable.

This review supplements the weekly review and should be performed every three months, or maximum period of 1,000 (thousand) hours of use, by a suitably qualified professional trained in the Pilates Method. It is extremely important to carry out a careful inspection of the equipment, as well as tests of its mechanisms to attest its functionality.
Perform a thorough inspection on the equipment, try to identify any possible changes. Make all necessary adjustments, ensuring that the components are correctly positioned, adjusted and secured. Use the supplied tools with the equipment to ensure proper attachment.
Inspect all components for deformations, cuts, cracks, or any other variation that seems unusual. Replace the damaged component or contact Metalife Service immediately. Any faulty component should not be used until it is properly repaired or replaced with a new one.
Make sure that spring tensioning still corresponds to its use. If variations in springs are identified, they should be replaced immediately. Springs have a maximum life span of two years or eight thousand hours of use, whichever comes first. After this period, replace them.
Replace all carabiners every 24 months or as needed within this period.
Make sure that all straps remain fully attached to the Velcro (if fitted) in order to keep the user’s safety. In case of wear, the component must be replaced immediately.

Cleaning and conservation tips

Learn how you can clean and protect your equipment and props.

Do not machine wash. Metal half-rings can damage your appliance. To sanitize the handles, moisten a clean, soft cloth with mild soap or mild detergent solution and run through the handle. Rinse with a damp cloth, then dry. Do not use alcohol or bleach, these products can damage and stain the handles. Also avoid excessive exposure to sunlight, it damages and dries the weave of the straps. For Velcro straps, it is recommended to be closed when not in use to avoid lint being attached to the hooks.

Despite its resistant coating material (courissimo  – eco leather), it is not indestructible, and wears out with use and time. Direct light is damaging as it dries out and weakens the weave and can cause cracking on the surface. Keep your upholstery clean by removing the dust with a soft and dry cloth. For best sanitation, use only a cloth moistened with soap solution or neutral detergent.
We do not recommend the use of removers or solvents such as benzine, bleach, alcohol, abrasives, ammonia, polish furniture, polishes and oils.

Because it is a natural raw material, wooden equipment can present differences in the tonality, veins and drawings. The natural ageing of the parts is accelerated by the action of temperature and natural humidity. Water, heat, and natural or artificial UV rays can cause decoupling, cracking, and discolouration of wood and veneer. Therefore, the apparatus must be protected from the agents mentioned above. In case of liquid spillage, clean immediately as the wood may absorb and stain irreversibly. The wood surfaces are delicate; they accept cleaning with dry flannel or cloth moistened in solution of neutral soap and water with subsequent drying.

Accumulated dust, humidity, and air pollution are the main factors that accelerate metal oxidation. Our products are made for indoor use and direct exposure to these elements is not recommended. Cleaning of metal surfaces should be done at least once a week. Never use solvents such as benzine, thinner, acetone and others, as well as abrasive products such as soap, steel sponges and the like, which can irreversibly attack plastic materials. For heavier cleaning, the rails can be cleaned with a cloth moistened with alcohol. Never spill alcohol directly into the equipment. For the removal of stains on painted, chromed and nickel-plated pieces, we recommend the use of a clean cotton cloth or flannel, using neutral detergent or, in more difficult cases, car wax.

Springs are the basis of Pilates equipment. As they are used with various Pilates exercises, they are lose tension. The more the spring loses its tension, the greater the risk of rupture. Metalife springs, unlike all the springs on the market, do not break! But its exchange, once it is noticed the loss of tension after using it for a long time, is mandatory.
E.g.: The red spring of the Wunda Chair, when new, starts to draw with 7kg of load. After 2 years (it may happen before if it is a lot used), it loses about 50% of its tension, drawing with only 3,5kg of load, which directly compromises the exercise. Therefore, it is very important to change the springs periodically.

To clean plastic parts, moisten a clean and soft cloth in a solution of water and neutral detergent, then wipe and dry the surface.